A Wish

About Aarefa Faridoon

Aarefa Faridoon received her bachelors degree in English Literature from the Aligarh Muslim University in 1999 and completed her Masters in 2001. She has been teaching Communication Skills at Rizvi College of Engineering for the last 15 years. She is a published poet and short story writer. She has also written lyrics for some widely acclaimed non film songs.

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The grayish sky with an ember dot
Like an evening bride blushing in calm
The cool breeze sings a hymn
Serenading the hearts of mighty palms

As the lazy waves ebb on the shore
A thought surrounds my eased out mind
A wish combines with a question
Why to follow this daily grind?

The pursuit of this world is a hazy mirage
Wouldn’t it be great……

If I too could sing like the clinking raindrops
All to my hearts delight
If I too could gaze at the distant moon
Through the endless sable night
If I too could count the million stars
And try to touch their milky light
If I too could find a face in a blowing cloud
And trace behind its billowy flight…..


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