A Traumatic Experience

Ravina Kumari

Ravina Kumari was born in February 1998. She belongs to Begusarai in Bihar and is the daughter of the truck driver Chanderdev Paswan and Sunita Devi. She studies at the SSS Mahila College Bihat Begusarai.

My father is a truck driver. He is a good driver and has a driving experience for around 20 to 22 years. Initially, he used to drive a van. One day my father had to travel to a remote distance in his van. He had to drive continuously and in the night time, some robbers happened to stop him on the way and started to behave badly with my father. My father tried to run away, but they caught hold of him and beat him badly. They took away all his money and belongings. My father was traumatized and wept bitterly in front of the robbers but they showed no mercy. My father was clearly a victim.

We come across several stories pertaining to the road related problems faced by my father. It is very dangerous to drive a truck on the National Highways. My father faces many difficulties while driving but he has never injured any man so far on the road. Many times he comes home late. We worry about his safety as we know that driving such a huge vehicle for long hours is very risky. Sometimes goods carrying lorry above a certain height cannot pass through an under-bridge thus causing a hurdle for the driver.

Narrow and rough roads, single-lane bridges and railways crossings on the highways add to the issue. Quite often the weather condition is also not suitable to drive. The pedestrian paths are not well constructed on the road which can result in undesired casualties and accidents. I believe that providing the basic transportation infrastructure is highly important in the present times.

My father is a gem of a person and a very kind-hearted man. He loves us dearly and cares about our wellbeing. I pray and hope that the condition of the truck drivers improve in our country.

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