A Sudden Halt

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I am Tapas Das, based in Mumbai - I love the written word and especially if it's a story. Caffeine and inappropriate thoughts - that's my struggle, writing is a vent otherwise I will start punching people! I work with Edifice in Mumbai.

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The bottle was full, sitting beside an old man with grey stubble,

He drank a few times on his journey today,

He filled it getting down on the unknown station,

taking few Jalebi’s to kill his craving for home food-

As the water bottle reached the brink, he looked at the signal on the right,

unable to see the green light amidst the crowd.

He leaned a bit and saw the man on the last birth waving the green cloth,

he put the lid back and ran to the bogie, and the train was slow moving-

he hopped in and waited there for a while.

As it regained full speed, he came inside and sat looking outside the lush green trees passing by, for a moment it looks like they are running to catch up with the train.

A kid with a broken toy and a Jalebi on his left hand looking at a stretch to the window,

Without blinking, like he knows the tree from somewhere.

As the tunnel approached, there was pitch black inside – he can feel the darkness and the commotion of a fast moving train as if the train is running for life.

He opened the lid and drank more water, by the time it was out of the tunnel.

The kid could not be seen anymore, the Jalebi residue spotted on the window seat,

On the second compartment next to this one, few people talking languorously after a handful of chat, they discussed a kid falling off the train.

The commotion of the rail became more apparent, rest was unheard,

as the noise settled, few of the constables passed the boogie with extreme urgency looking for something.

The old man, pausing few times uttered the child was here – with a grave question mark?

coughing intermittently did you saw him-

Yes, I did.


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