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Afrin Akeel Khan hails from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. She is pursuing her B. Tech from Walchand college of engineering, Sangli. She wants to go for M.Tech after the completion of her course and pursue a career with an MNC.

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Truck drivers do not enjoy good social status. The occupation of driving does not get respect. Everyone wants to become engineers and doctors. Amidst such educated people, there was a man who wanted to feed and shelter his wife and his little daughter. His name was Asjad. No one was giving him a job, and hence he started doing whatever work came his way.

In search of work, he came to a city. That city was the city of dreams; and yes you have correctly guessed it. Mumbai.

When he came to Mumbai, he came to know that it is also the city of vast economic disparities where there are some people who cannot get two square meals a day, on the other hand few privileged people in the same city don’t mind spending Rs.500 on a cup of tea sitting in Hotel Taj Mahal. What he saw really interested him but he did not have much time to think about all this as he wanted to get some work as soon as possible and send some money back home, for his wife Tabassum and daughter Alia.

First he got work as a coolie, thereafter he started loading the goods and transporting the same from one place to another. Sometimes he worked as a coolie and sometimes he unloaded a van packed with boxes in the minimum possible time. He cared a lot for his family and did not buy anything for himself. He saved as much money as possible and sent the same to his wife Tabassum via money order.

Days passed into months and months into years. Now he had settled well in life. He became a permanent employee in his job. Now his only concern was his daughter and his wife was going to deliver another baby. He was troubled by the thought of supporting his growing family, providing for their education, upbringing and marriage of his daughter. He was planning to save up for his daughter’s marriage.

One day he dreamt that he had become the owner of the trucks he used to load and unload. He decided to turn this dream into reality and hence underwent a training to drive the truck. With the help of his savings and bank loan, he bought a tempo and surprised his wife on the day of the naming ceremony of his newborn baby. Just buying and driving a tempo was not enough, he had to look after everything by himself. He had to drive, look after it, repair the vehicle and repay the bank loan. Now he was the owner and the servant, both.

One day, a person wanted his goods transported from Mumbai to Kolhapur. It was a huge pile of goods and it required two trips to carry the goods to Kolhapur.  Asjad had just one vehicle and he badly required money. He decided to transport the goods himself in two trips. He did not have a replacement driver; he could not afford a replacement driver. Therefore he took a cleaner along with him and set out for Kolhapur. First trip went smoothly but during the second trip, he had got too tired and had a wink of sleep for two seconds. That time Asjad was passing through Khambat Ghat near Pune. But nothing of the sort you might be thinking happened. By God’s grace, no accident took place and he survived. Asjad reached his destination. He overcame several such problems in life and made progress. From one tempo he progressed to two, three and now he has four vehicles. He has started his own transportation office. Hereafter, success started chasing him.

With a view to keep his children safe and make their future secure, he gave them the best education. He funded the higher education of his daughter, Alia and son Farhan. His daughter has become a software engineer now while his son is looking after his business. His software engineer daughter is developing an app that would prevent the recurrence of the accident that her father escaped, by the grace of God. The software will test the physical and mental condition of the driver and it will make the driver aware of his condition. Today both of his children are competent and responsible members of the society. Whatever they have achieved is the result of determination of their father who refused to bow to circumstances and cut his way through the thickest of difficulties to emerge a winner.

No problem is big enough to deprive you of your goal. All that you require is commitment, persistence, confidence and courage.


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