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I cut my wrists and let myself bleed
But I could not go as far as Hannah baker did.
I peeled the moles which were
Present on both my forearms
The second one did not disappear
did that mean life wanted to give me another chance?

I asked the stars and the moon
Including my parents and friends too
If I were worth money spent on me like a fool?
Everyone keeps saying about a bright future
everything will be all okay once I realize that its “time now”

But time now to end or to start?
It had to end because I could not
it had to happen soon
I could not keep it in anymore
So I cut my wrists and let myself bleed
But I could not go as far as Hannah baker did.
I was a weak person, both in life and death
No courage to live and maybe too timid to kill thy self
I was jealous of all the kids who were like glowing stars for my parent’s eyes
And they saw me like a dead star which killed me on the inside
It didn’t matter because I died the day I cut my wrist
And let myself bleed but did not go as far as Hannah baker did.
I consider Hannah blessed and lucky for she did not have to live and finally took her leave
I wonder what she feels right now as she experiences silence and peace.
She finally achieved the oblivious death with clothes soaked of blood and grief
Her mother tried saving her and why do moms care so much
Cause their dead child wont be able to score and step in the battlefield?
Well proud should be her mother as her daughter returned wounded and dead.
She cut her wrists and bled to death.
They say she was weak they will say I am weak but aren’t they the ones who wounded us and stole our peace.
So I wrote this poem, cut my wrists and let myself bleed and this time I did not let Hannah baker down like all the weak ones did.


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  • Kheya Baidya27/01/2019 at 11:41 AM

    Too much pain captured here. Poem is wonderfully written. Keep writing Preesha

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