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Sometimes it’s all about the good deeds and hard work which we do to ensure that our people lead better lives. But rare are those occasions when we feel like doing something for the others and feel tremendously pleased, when that goal is accomplished. I got this experience when I was posted to the second most Naxal-influenced area of Maharashtra, the Gondia district.

However, after getting transferred from Mumbai to Gadchiroli and then been moved to Gondia, I had seen all kinds of ups and downs in life with respect to my responsibilities as a cop with Maharashtra police. When I was transferred there, I came across many raw talents who had the potential to achieve big but didn’t know the way. They were prone to walk the wrong path on being manipulated by personalities stronger than theirs. All they needed was well-intended guidance with some good training and a firm father figure. Coming from a Naxal affected area, I knew that behind the youth joining the Naxals, there was nothing but unemployment and unthinkable poverty.

I decided to guide them to the best of my capacities and introduce them with the police recruitment cell in the district. I still remember the days when I somehow used to manage my schedule and spend almost three hours daily on talented people of the area trying to put a direction to their potentials. The response from the students often left me awestruck, and humbled.

They were about 250 or 300 in number but still they had just one goal. A goal which was suggested by me but totally implemented and executed by them. And finally, when some of them got selected, I felt like being part of the better section of the society. My heart swelled like that of a proud father. I recall the days when my senior visited my sector and got to know about my training camp. He was delighted with my work and managed to provide us with three hundred pairs of shoes.

Somewhere, and in some way, we really managed to bring the right talent on the right track. I still receive calls from my students, giving me credit for their success. I feel I am just a part of this vast society, which is getting bigger and bigger day by day. It was my duty to do some good, to whatever miniscule portion was within my jurisdiction. Hopefully, this part of my journey would change people’s perceptions towards the police. Let this incident be just a story of making the society better and get accompanied by many more in the days to come.


Storyteller : Mr. Ulhas Kadam, AIP, Maharashtra Police

As told to : Akshay Peddiwar


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