A Silenced Voice

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Nageswari Prabhu has completed her MBA in HR along with multiple PG degrees (MA English and MLIS). She has over 20 years of experience with multi-faceted skill-set ranging from education management, copy-editing, language-editing, editorial proof-readiing, and book-indexing (Humanities). She has worked with resource management group in the IT sector. Finally she has landed on Project Management.
Currently she is a freelance professional. She loves reading books, especially the personality development books.

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The shrieking voice of her mother woke her up from the dream world. Yes, Daisy was fantasizing about her future, where she featured as an entrepreneur. Alas! It was just going to be another dream for her, chopped even before it could spread in grace.

Again, her mother’s shrilled voice brought her back to reality, shattering the morning silence. Her dreams crumbled to a corner one after the other, but her passion lived in her heart, deeply hidden. Her father passed away due to serious illness and she was forced to go to work along with her mother to support the family. She was only 18. There was no other choice as her father left them penniless, homeless, in an uncertain future with loads of debts to pay off. She had two young brothers who were in school. Daisy had just completed her 12th that year, securing 95%.

Name it fate or ill luck, Daisy was tangled with family responsibilities as being the elder daughter she was expected to module herself with a motherly role. She did all sorts of jobs to pay their bills and support the family needs. In between, she enrolled herself for graduation through distance education. She was determined to complete it with even more perseverance and determination. But, deep in her heart the passion of “entrepreneur” was burning and it kept churning inside, kindling her to reach towards her goal. How much ever she suppressed her desire, the more vigorous and forceful it became.

She started saving a small portion of her salary although it seemed to be insurmountable initially. Later she coped well to manage. People mocked at her when she told that she wanted to build an academy where all students will be supported to achieve their dreams. Some of them ridiculed that it was an impossible hallucination when she herself was unable to do what she wished. She ignored their doubts, fears and continued to move on, holding her dream mightily across her heart.

Years rolled by, her brothers settled down with their families. Daisy too got married and children were born to her. It was the need of hour. She decided to risk her life for her passionate dreams to come true. She started her own academic tuition center in a small thatched room. Soon she became popular in her area for the unique methods she employed as a teacher. Students came from all backgrounds and she made them excel in their studies. The most impressive part of her teaching was that she asked her students, what was their dream! She moduled herself to teach in a way that she pushed them further towards their interests, encouraging them constantly with her words. She tried to make even average students accomplish their targets. For all these and more, she was well noted among parents, teachers, and students. She lived with her ambitions, continued working towards her dreams and changed her environment to make a different world.

Yes, a world of sensitive and compassionate means for the betterment of society. To not let the dream of the poor drown in poverty, to spread education among all without reservations, to lit the lamp of knowledge that can spark a millions hearts, was her only focus.

Her inner voice though is still not silenced. In some corner of the same country, Daisy’s are still living the life of undue sacrifices. She looks at them, though her eyes can’t reach there. But she had walked beyond her neighbourhood thatch-room roof long back, and perhaps it won’t be long that Daisy would find them too.


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  • Johnk29/06/2017 at 3:34 PM

    Good one. Good narration… inspiring

    • Nageswari Prabhu29/06/2017 at 5:17 PM

      Thank you.

    • Mademoiselle30/06/2017 at 4:27 AM

      I enjoyed reading your story. Please keep writing more.

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