A Ride!

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Menaka is a proud home maker and a mother of two children. She was born in Chennai and brought up in Mumbai. Graduate in Arts and Graphics, she worked as a design consultant for two years, and then as a freelance graphic designer. She loves to read, write stories, draw portraits. She believes that thoughts create destiny. She discovered that she can express better through writing and hence chose poems as they are the best and most elegant way to express ones innermost desires.

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I was in a beautiful world, a world.. that hid me from all other.

A world with just you and me together.

I couldn’t have asked for more..

It was a moment I have been waiting for.

I was on a ride with you like never before.

It was a sunny afternoon,

the glaring sun overshadowed the moon.

The warmth of the sun caressed my body,

like a burning passion, not my hobby.

We were flying in the sky..with the chirping birds side by side,

gushing through the force of the wind.

The wind on my face was like a thousand kiss..

It was a feeling, I would never miss.

The growl of the machine was music to the ears

you know your rides so well like no other,

the last gear has no fear.

I was holding on to the one, who would never let go

Bot a smile of happiness on my face,

it was filled with love all over the place.

A love so pure, a love so tender, a love so silent to the world..

that only our hearts could hear.

And then.. the brightness of the day faded away,

asking me to change the course of my way, and not stay.

But I know, I am not meant to be in your world..

as after every dusk, follows a soothing dawn,

I returned back with a hope to see you again.

A hope to come back to you,

A wish to be together again!!!


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