A Perfect Investment

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Shyla Jakhmola is a young writer who writes small stories and tries to motivate the youth. For her, the concept of story doesn't matter the basic idea of motivation matters.

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My flight landed in Delhi. I was excited. I wanted to know whether the investment I made for the future of my village was a correct decision or no. I went to the bus stop and boarded the
bus. My insides churned as I was eager to find the answers to my questions. I was going back to my village after 19 years.
After a continuous journey of 8 hours from Delhi, I reached there. I was happy to see that Uttrakhand was quite developed now. I hired a taxi and went to my home. As I reached the gate, I found Swara, Shreya, Anusha, Shreyas & many children who were in their youth now!
Last time when I saw them, they were small. They greeted me heartily. Behind them, I found a boy standing far away from us. He was staring at me. Swara’s brother! Their parents left this village when Swara was very small and he was not yet born. I called him out. He came forward and sat next to me. Swara and Shreya asked me how I got this idea to develop the village!
I didn’t want to recall the past. Yet I started narrating my story.

20 years ago when I was 18, I came to know why this beautiful mountain was becoming an
old age home! Almost the same sequence of events had happened then. My flight had landed in Delhi and I boarded my bus to reach here. That time I was excited to meet my granny. As I reached the house, I didn’t find any of my childhood friends who used to live here.

I asked granny, “Where are my childhood friends?”

She said, “You will not find anyone here, any more!”

I was shocked to hear this. I went outside for a walk. There were Swara and some other children playing. “Was granny lying?” I thought. Close by, I saw my granny’s old friend. I asked her again, where were my friends? She told the same. “You will not find anyone here.”
“Why?” I asked.

”When you were born, my child,” she said, “your parents wanted to
leave this village as they wanted to make you a successful doctor. When you were 1 year old they actually left to fulfill their dream. Your family is the thread that was holding the relationships and practices in this village from the very beginning. With the example your family had set, many other families soon left this village. Now it has become an old age home.”
I came back really sad. It felt as if I was the reason for this condition of the beautiful place.  I decided not to let this continue. I would do everything to encourage the children to continue living in this village. I thought if they love Uttarakhand, they will definitely
understand my cause.

And I was not wrong. They all were in love with this beautiful part of India.
Now I am happy that I did a perfect investment for the future of India. “I was the reason
for the downfall of this village and now I am the reason for its development as well.


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  • rahul kavtiyal18/09/2017 at 1:51 PM

    Nice story. You describe reality of uttrakhand villages. They are really converted into oldage home

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