A New Venture

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Gauthami was born in September 1998 and belongs to Kavalapadur village of Karnataka. She is a B.Com student and wants to become C.A. She is the daughter of the truck driver Koosappa Moolya and Kalyani.

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It was a departure from the usual workload for him and he was gettingvery nostalgic. It was a vocation of one week, not a colossal time, but a bit purveyor to get-up and go to his new venture. Of course, he is the ever loving star of my world, my dearest dad. When I was young, it was his touch of love and boundless enthusiasm which drew me so close to him. He is the person to whom I am devoted the most, he is an inspiration to me.

A week-long delight was still rolling in his thought when the time came to shift to a different world for his career, and early in the morning dad was all set to move to Bangalore, the busy city where he got transferred as an assistant manager in the SBI. He was actually on the verge of a breakdown from his nerve-racking busy schedule and definitely needed some change.

He began the journey at 4 A.M from our home. The ride was not a big deal for him because he had been driving for many years now. Besides, my mom was also travelling with him. The duo was ready to head to Bangalore. It was a beautiful rainy day. My mom remembers the comic blended comments of my dad out of his love for the pristine rain. Dad enjoyed driving in the rain and frequently said that he senses a power of peace when he is accompanied by rains while driving. He never considered the obstacles put forth by rain while driving.

This is my father and he happily tries to blend with his new venture. Happiness for him lies in our company, and in the company of little things of life.


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