A Narrow Escape

S. Jayanthi

18 year old S. Jayanthi hails from Kallankurichi, Tamil Nadu. Born to truck driver, R. Senthamilan and S Muthulakshmi, she aspires to be an engineer. Currently, she is studying at a Government Polytechnic College in  Keelapur.

The real incident happened 3 years ago in one of the busy cities in South India called Chennai. On a cloudy day my father started from home to buy vegetables from the market. I accompanied him on the scooter. My father forgot to wear his helmet on that day. He was driving very slowly without exceeding 30 km per hour speed. The roads in Chennai were in poor conditions due to heavy rains. During the peak hours there was a heavy rush of buses, trucks, cars, taxis and scooters etc. On the road everyone seem to be in a hurry to reach their destination, no one cared about others. Horns were being blown by one and all. There was a lot of noise.

The road had numerous cracks and potholes which made it worse. A heavily loaded truck tried to overtake a fast running bus  and collided with it in the middle of the busy road. This had also knocked down our scooter. All this happened so suddenly that I and my father could not understand what had happened. The traffic on the road had stopped due to this accident. The driver of the truck was badly injured. My dad had minor head injuries and was lying unconscious on the road. One of the shopkeepers helped me to inform the police on the phone. A flying squad of police reach the spot within 5 minutes. First of all they took my father to a nearby hospital named Lotus. In a few days my father got discharged from the hospital. It was a tragic accident that happened due to poor road conditions. The driver of the truck was not able to control the speed. But luckily my father escaped with minor injuries.

To avoid accidents and to save a life from fatal accidents, there should be cooperation and coordination between various agencies and authorities concerned with control and regulation of construction and maintenance of road. Finally there should be awareness among the mass is about road safety observation of traffic rules and proper use of roads should be educated. Let us obey the rules of traffic to avoid accidents and save the life of oneself and others.

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