A Marriage Proposal

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I am Tapas Das, based in Mumbai - I love the written word and especially if it's a story. Caffeine and inappropriate thoughts - that's my struggle, writing is a vent otherwise I will start punching people! I work with Edifice in Mumbai.

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The world was heavy, so her arms and body

for some reason, nothing made sense that day,

when she was being told that she has to spend the rest of her life with that guy

while she paid close attention to him,

he was scratching his head,

lose shirt and bit of a tummy was protruding

the hair was receding but enough to look decent

as she moved to his hands he was wearing an old watch

the belt had a layer which was peeling off

her mom pushed her and said, go and talk to him.

he came all the way for you.

mom smiled with a touch of shyness but Aisha

didn’t wanted to be tied to one person all her life

her words were enough

to console her lost nights

and half vodka bottle oscillating under the bed,

the walls were filled with quotes of Virginia Woolf

or Bukowski

and she had not even forgotten her ex-boyfriend

who was a guitarist and they had a similar taste in literature

each step towards him were the steps which were someway accepting the proposal

He looked puzzled, and his hands were shaking

I am Aisha,
he fumbled and replied, Rohit, while adjusting his glasses

It was a balcony, and the sun was about to set

They both mumbling something from inside, unable to utter it

finally she broke the ice,

what do you like the most,

escaping the cliché – she jumped to the point

I am a coder, so I like numbers

her eyes dropped drastically with her will to pursue

I heard you love writing and poetry,

May I hear something?

he sounded confident all of a sudden

Ya sure, she cleared her throat

She recited if you forget me by Pablo Neruda

at the last line, she got stuck

My love feeds on your love, beloved

And as long as you live, it will be in your arms without leaving mine

It started from there, a poet met his poetry



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