A Lot Like Me

About Krishnakali

A radio in age of iPods
A bookstore competing with Kindle
A Beatles song out of place in a club

Krishnakali has a keen appetite for reading books, painting abstract pictures and also singing. She had started writing unexpectedly and within seconds it became her better half.

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Voyaging through the woods a girl I met
She was a shade of tinted moods,
Her beauty like a sound of trumpet
Hues of several dreams leashes her mind
Her smile lasts a bit longer
Her heart a bit more kind
She walks just like me with messy hair, stealthily
Her laughter wakes up the universe
Just like mine
Such an irony , Oh ! Divine
Both are swallowed in pitch black nights
Tears howling with our faces Maline
Both were stabbed by their lover’s sword
While embracing their armours when it glowed
We were two parts of the same cloth
Confused between each other’s mirror image …


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