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Anita Yadav is the daughter of truck driver, Shri Banvari Lal Yadav and Smt. Ganga Devi. She is pursuing her graduation from Rajasthan University.

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Namaste. I am the unfortunate father of Jatin Yadav, writing this letter to you. I am grateful to you for safely sending the dead body of my son. Jatin was my only son. I drive a commercial vehicle and my wife looks after the household chores. Her son was and the hope and support of our old age. He wanted to be an engineer. We were waiting for his return. He surely came, but in a coffin. We had to give our shoulders to his coffin. It was destined. What we could have done besides letting the uncontrollable tears rolling down our eyes?

My son – Jatin used to write about you in every letter. He had great regards for you. Will you be able to do a favor to this old man? Can you come to our village for a few days? I and Jatin’s mother want to talk to you about our son. He could not come home due to shortage of money for the last two years. Now, how did he look like? Did he talk to you about us? Our blessings are with you.”

Raju looked at Nikhil with a question mark in his eyes after reading the letter. Nikhil narrated an incident of the horrible night that shattered his life. Nikhil and his three friends lived in the nearby rooms of a hostel. Jatin was the youngest. It was the last year of his engineering course. In a few months they would have returned home with good jobs and would have progressed in life. The other day, they decided to attend a party. But Nikhil had to complete his project, therefore he refused to go. Narendra offered them to come to the party in his vehicle.

And there was a great hustle and bustle in the party. None of the friends were interested in consuming alcohol but as is the habit of youngsters, some of them forcefully got them to drink. They were on their way back at 2 ‘o’ clock in the night when there was fog outside all around.

Narendra was driving the vehicle. He could not see anything, even with the head light on. Everyone was tired after the party, they closed their eyes and fell asleep. The eyes of Narendra were also drowsy.

Suddenly, the vehicle collided with the pole of the fly over. Except Narendra all the three died. Narendra was left with many broken bones; his whole body started shivering. To inform the mother and father of the dead ones and to get the dead bodies in the moratorium was a responsibility that came over to Nikhil. And they left him broken. The friends he used to share his woes and happiness with, till just a few hours ago, were lying lifeless.

A response to the letter of the father, he didn’t have!


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