A Letter to my Dead Mother

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Dear mother,
Every time I take a step towards you I am pushed back
every time I hum a tune when I miss you I am beaten up and cracked
my heart weeps every time I want to take rest from this life deprived of you
She beats me up and hurts me too
like a witch in disguise
she gets rid of everything that comes in her way
I couldn’t be incantated like father
Because she knew I could snap him out of her spell any day
You left your voice in me
but it doesn’t seem to guide him like you used to
You left a part of you in me and now it aches me deeply

Father is lost without you
And so am I
Father doesn’t know what’s wrong and right
He is delusional, and he lost his charm
Still all the ladies kiss his feet and try holding his arm
Is it only money that, they run after?

He doesn’t love me anymore
Is it because of what she does to him at night.
I lost you mother, and I am losing him too
And the only thing I can think of doing right now is hang myself like you.

Every time oh mother Every time I see a knife
all I can think of, is stabbing her in the spine
And drink her blood like people drink red wine
But she is the only person who keeps a part of father alive
So, I leave things to her and I take a dive
A dive into the cold chilly water and hold my breath
Because unlike father I don’t want to go through the most brutal death
And that is a life without you.


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  • Aparna Mondal19/02/2019 at 9:47 AM

    Sad and touching yet a beautiful writing .

    • Preesha Reddy22/02/2019 at 10:02 PM

      Thank you so much♡.

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