A Kind Heart… A kinder Deed

About Arunima Mitra

Arunima is a 9th Grader ,studying in Hiranandani Foundation School ,Powai. She is an avid reader , professionally trained Bharatnatyam Dancer and has pursued her talent of singing at a tender age. She currently learns Rabindra Sangeet. She has an insatiable desire for writing and aspires to be an author soon.

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On the path down Mahogany Street, there lived a girl named Tanya. All day, she would comb her long, luscious hair, braid them and decorate them with pins and flowers. Two things she couldn’t live without was her hair comb and her smart and understanding friend, Anjali. Both were different yet balanced in each other’s madness. Tanya had long brown hair while Anjali had a black pixie cut. Tanya spent her free time singing while Anjali spent hers in the football field. A unique friendship evolved between the two.

Once for their school trip, they were taken to a hospital of cancer patients. Both were deeply saddened by the plight of the patients. As they walked down the row of beds, they noticed a small girl diagnosed with the same life-threatening disease. Her name was Richa. Although she had lost all her hair and was now bald, she still was very chirpy, playing with a teddy bear in hand, unaware of the danger posed to her life. A tingling sensation continued in their hearts as they returned home. They met after the trip and discussed the condition of that girl. Tanya seemed frustrated at her helplessness to help poor Richa in any smallest way possible. Muttering to themselves about the injustice to Richa, they both went home.

The next few days Tanya kept to herself. She stayed aloof and hardly talked. Anjali was concerned to see the sudden change in her friend’s behaviour. Tanya then took ill and stayed homebound for many days. Anjali came to meet her best friend, without fail every day after school.

One day as Anjali went to meet Tanya , she found the main door of their house left ajar. As she entered she found the house to be empty. Anjali knew that her friend would never be so careless and leave the house in such a condition. Climbing up the stairs, Anjali was sure she heard some shuffling sounds from Tanya’s bedroom. Were they thieves? Was Tanya Ok? Should she have called the police before entering?

Her heart was hammering in her chest, nevertheless Anjali quietly opened the door and was shocked to behold such a sight. Tanya’s hair was haphazardly cut till her neck. In her right hand were scissors and on her left a ziplock bag with the words ‘WIG’ and ‘RICHA’ written in bold block letters.

With a tear stained face yet determined look in her eyes Tanya replied to Anjali’s silence. “I want Richa to have hair too!”



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2 Response Comments

  • Aditya Kajarekar28/07/2019 at 10:34 PM

    A very good message from a young girl. A young girl called Tanya in the story and a young girl called Arunima as the author. This story has potential to be a great message to the society.

  • Aparna Mondal01/08/2019 at 10:20 AM

    What a touching but beautiful story. The creation of a character with so much empathy is something to be appreciated.. The young selfless girl Tanya feeling helpless, trying to help another girl called Richa by presenting her the much loved precious possession of hers which unfortunately the dreadful disease had robbed from her. The very act needs applauds. What a thoughtful empathetic young mind. Lovely Arunima ! Keep it up! Love to read your writing.

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