#StoryOfTheMonth March 2017 by Vani Kaushal

A Kafkaesque Story by Akhil Kakkar draws you in from the get go. Ompal Singh Bagga aka Paul works in Los Angeles in an IT company.  Growing up, all he wanted to do was study marine biology, but life had other plans for him, and he ended up becoming a software engineer. Paul is dating Lucy, a German-descent barista who loves to read and recommends Kafka’s Metamorphosis to him. Now Metamorphosis, as we all know, is the story of Gregor Samsa who wakes up in his bed to find himself transformed into a giant insect. Likewise, Paul, fresh from his reading of the book, wakes up to find himself transformed into a fish. His hands, his legs, his eyes, in fact his entire body has undergone a massive transformation. However, rather than worrying too much about how his body has changed, all that Paul wants to do is survive as best as he can. The story is about survival and making the most of what life offers you, whether you like it or not. The readers are going to love it, especially as it leaves them with a sense of hope and faith. Look forward to more from this writer.