A Joyful Struggle

B. Mary Jayanthi

B. Mary Jayanthi is pursuing MBA and is the daughter of the truck driver B. Prakashan and Jwpina. She was born in November 1994 and belongs to Telangana.

My father is a truck driver. He often tells me about his struggle and advises me to be righteous and ethical. He fulfils all my needs. Sometimes we go for a picnic to the famous sightseeing places for a vacation with all the family members during the winter and summer vacations where we spend quality time together.

My father is a very jolly person. He loves to laugh, no matter what mood he is in. However, my dad is not home half of the time or until later at night because of his driving duty. My dad ensures to help me with my homework. I and my family keep praying to God every time to save my dad from any kind of danger. My dad has faced some difficult situations and hence, he follows all the road safety rules wisely.

My ambition in life is to become a teacher. As a teacher, my objective shall be to educate the poor children who cannot afford to acquire education. I do not want to amass wealth for myself. I need money only for my basic necessities. Instead, I want to earn a good name and reputation in the society.

I shall render services to the poor in my village during my holidays and also shoulder the responsibilities of my family. I wish to support my father and my grandparents and I am confident to bring a positive change.

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