A House Which is Quiet

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I am Tapas Das, based in Mumbai - I love the written word and especially if it's a story. Caffeine and inappropriate thoughts - that's my struggle, writing is a vent otherwise I will start punching people! I work with Edifice in Mumbai.

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Mum never mentioned anything about mental health
who knows about mental health until the word crazy comes In the general vocabulary
I heard her blabbering all the time even when all things are in order,
the house looks clean, the dish has been made

and everything at home looks quiet
somewhere mum is agitated
the tap didn’t break down
there is enough sunlight for the clothes to get dry
and above all, there are enough episodes to see on television

A small creaking sound from the door made her burst in furious anger
a wet towel dripping water,
innocuous mice, running in haste below the gas cylinder

the silence was even hurting to her
the kind of silence which has a message post it is not.

As a kid, I believed mum is like that,
they cuss and love, and there is a hidden affection in whatever they do
but after my teenage days, I noticed a couple of my friends family,
especially their mom- they act calm and not be irritated even with tiny issues
although I have not seen my friends family long enough
I can still say, there is a sense of a healthy environment

Father deceased when I was four years of age,
we have had difficulty in the hindsight,
but we did manage to get away from life’s cruelty
however mum, on the contrary, was more agitated now
but she was quiet in the midst of tragedy, I wonder why?

I am not a medical person, all these are just simple signs
I too get angry, but being angry is different
You sense there is an issue with mental health at your household
Do you?


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