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Coena Mukherjee is currently pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Graphics and Multimedia from HMMRA (TISS). She loves watching movies, listening to songs and arguing with her Dad.

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I got down from the bus to enter the railway station. I was traveling to Burdwan from Durgapur.

My college days were over and I was on my way to clear the hostel dues. My younger sister was accompanying me on this trip. In four years, I had collected a whole lot of things. Packing and carrying them back home all by myself was not possible for me. My sister was excited because it was her first journey by train. I was repeatedly told to look after my sister.

‘Hi Aditi’, I heard someone calling from behind with a small tap on my shoulder.

It was Sahana, one of my college mates. “Where are you off to”? She asked.

‘To the hostel to clear my dues’. I replied. ‘You’?

‘I am going to Kolkata for shopping as Eid is around the corner’, She said with excitement.

We exchanged good wishes and bid goodbye to each other.

Durgapur station has always been a very busy one. Daily passengers travel to Howrah and Kolkata to attend their offices and business. There are passengers who travel on the opposite direction to Asansol and Dhanbad as well. It has always been well maintained and clean as compared to many other stations in India.

My sister had already reached platform number 4. As I spoke to Sahana, I heard an announcement- “Train number 11256 up Burdwan Local is arriving on platform number 4 shortly.”

I decided not to use the foot-over bridge as I will not be able to catch the train and I was not very confident of what my younger sister will do. The days of mobile was still far awaythen. I quickly wanted to cross the railway track and to jump on the platform before the train pulled in.

There were three tracks that I had to cross. I passed one, two and three. As I made my way across track number 4, I saw people, including my sister standing on platform number 4 making gestures and saying something. I was not able to hear them properly and also unable to understand their gestures.

Out of no-where a person jumped off the platform, ran towards me and pushed me away from the track. As I lay besides the track, I could feel the air of the train passing by.

Storyteller : Aditi Mukherjee
As told to Coena Mukherjee


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