A Fantastic Father

T. Pragathi

T.Pragathi, the daughter of truck driver E. Thangadurai and T. Ammu completed 20 years in August 2017. She is studying B.Tech (IT) in SKR Engineering College. She is a future software engineer who aspires to be placed in one of the leading software companies to be able to develop her knowledge to an outstanding level.

My father goes for long trips. A truck driver is destined to drive miles and miles with truckloads of goods. He is almost always miles away from home. As he goes on driving somewhere far away, I look at his photo at our home. I feel like crying.

During his long journeys, he calls us every day. Whenever I talk to him you on the phone, all I think about is his homecoming. He manages his delivery schedule efficiently. Still, once in a while prolonged stay on the roads becomes unavoidable due to unprecedented reasons. Facing natural calamities on the road is nothing uncommon for a long distance driver. My father knows how to cope with those. Nevertheless, we live in anxiety at home during his long trips. I complain a lot about the nature of his job. He says, it is difficult to explain to a child the responsibilities of a father. He has to deliver the freight on time to be able to earn enough to run the family.

It is his duty to the family which always keeps him away. He tells, I would understand him only when I grow up. It is the responsibility of a father that forces him to drive lonesome on far off roads. Even taking leave on his daughter’s birthday is a rare opportunity for him. I still remember my 6th birthday. He was scheduled to come back from the trip early in the morning. He didn’t turn up even late. All family members looked worried and I felt disappointed assuming that my father had forgotten my birthday. In the afternoon, my mother received his call. He was stuck in a landslide somewhere in the Western Ghat.

We dream of the day when he will be able to spend lot of time with us. Returning home after a long trip, he shares his experiences with me. That becomes the best time for me to know about his journey, the advantages and disadvantages he faces during the trips. Same roads offer new experiences at different times. How he treats those experiences becomes learning to me. I spend a great time with him. Even though he is not always present at home, he is careful about family. News of my progress in life interests him the most. He extends his support whenever I face slightest trouble. Having such a lovely father by my side keeps me happy.

I am thankful to God for giving me such a fantastic father.

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