A Careful Driver

R. Divya

R. Divya is the daughter of the truck driver N S Rajendran and R. Selvi and was born in July 1996. She lives in Sankari village in Salem district of Tamil Nadu and is a second-year M.Com student.

My father is a lorry driver. He is a highly skilled driver and owing to several years of his experience in driving, he has never had an accident. My father follows all the driving rules and regulations. He has studied only till 8th standard and had to give up his studies because of the poor financial condition of his family. Initially, he started to work as a lorry cleaner and two years later, he began to drive the truck. He loves driving his lorry and also enjoys his work. My father has procured his own lorry on installment.

He drives within the desired speed limit for the long distance as well as for the short distance journeys. I admire my father for his dedication and hard work. It’s been over 20 years since my father first started to drive a truck and he has never disobeyed any traffic rule or traffic signal. He has faced many challenging situations too while driving. He has to drive in the heavy rain also, which is indeed a risky affair.

My relatives are also in the driving profession. My uncle and cousin brothers are expert truck drivers. Once, my father drove to the ICL cement factory for 2 days continuously. He has to be very careful before commencing his journey and check the lorry condition as well.

My father works hard to educate me and my sister. I love my father and respect his innumerable efforts for the betterment of our family. My father strictly follows all the traffic rules and teaches the same to others as well. I wish to support my father in every possible way and also want to learn to drive a lorry. If possible, I can also take up lorry driving as a profession. My father has never had an accident and he also helps those who happen to meet an accident on the way. He always carries a first-aid kit with him.

My father has a dream that one-day things will become easy for the drivers in India and their condition will improve. I shall surely make efforts to make his dream come true.

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