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Maverick Stories with #TellMeYourStory seeks inspiration from story tellers across multiple disciplines. Many stories from unique corners of life are lost because they are never told. Let those be explored, documented and celebrated.

Every life has stories; every story has it’s audience. May the twain meet.

Editor's Pick

Read, enjoy, live the moment and do not forget to jot down your comments.

Happiness Lost

/ in Image, The Long Story, Under 18
Prologue : It was a warm June morning. Birds babbling in the ...
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The Missing Doll

/ in Image, Under 18
It was 16 Feb, 2019. The guests were leaving after celebrating Fay’s ...
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Survival of The Fittest

/ in Image, The Long Story
Introduction : “Get up Bikash, we have to start early.” – Bijan ...
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Only One of the Blood

/ in Episodic, Fiction, Image
The car moved swiftly as dazzled by the beauty of curvy roads ...
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#TellMeYourStory invites everyone under the planet to write.

We are waiting for your submissions. Please visit our Submission Guidelines to send us your entries.

Happy writing! Happy reading! Happy sharing!

Recent Stories


This story is about soldiering when a soldier lives through his soul, ...
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What an Afternoon!

Back in 1990s, I was growing up in a nuclear family in ...
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The Beautiful Young Bride

She was a beautiful country-girl. She went to the forest to get ...
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Midnight Encounter with a Thief

It was the year 1990 and I was just nine years old ...
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Recent Poems

At Leopold Cafe, Colaba in November 2016, I sit at a table with a coke float. My father and my ...
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Coke Float

When the sun takes leave after a spectacular six colored sunset. When, somewhere near the Kibber Kailash peak three trekkers ...
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Dusk in Kalpa

There’s no way out of here, although the stars shine so bright Caged up in this room in a starry ...
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No Way Out

After the rains, When the sun peeps and smiles From behind the clouds, The gentle rays touch The meadows And ...
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After The Rains

The White Shadow : Vrajesh Dave

The White Shadow

Secret of the Swans : Devang Desai

Secret of the Swans

Only One of the Blood

German Märchen Series

Austria Diaries

Its You I am Looking For

Us in US

Its Love After All

The Desk

Vancouver Diaries

The Vacation

Vancouver Series : Insha Faridoon


Folk Tales from Germany : Kathakali Mukherjee

Folk Tales From Germany

Kashmir : Rumi Dasgupta

Image 1

At Ranikhet : Insha Faridoon


Poems from Iraq : Khalid Tailche (Yousif al-Saigh)

In Iran

Instagram Live

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She was a beautiful country-girl. She went to the forest to get silage for her cows. She began cutting grass ...
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The Beautiful Young Bride

Prologue Neha and Kunal were a happily married couple staying in Bangalore. They were just blessed with a daughter, who ...
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The Apartment

Prologue : One stingy farmer had employed a beautiful maid. She was kind and pious. In the cow-shed of that ...
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The Jewel in the Serpent’s C

Prologue : She slid her hands gently on the blades of the dewy grass that stood tall with delicate blossoms ...
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The Imperfect Fit