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Maverick Stories with #TellMeYourStory seeks inspiration from story tellers across multiple disciplines. Many stories from unique corners of life are lost because they are never told. Let those be explored, documented and celebrated.

Every life has stories; every story has it’s audience. May the twain meet.

Editor's Pick

Read, enjoy, live the moment and do not forget to jot down your comments.

The Baronet

/ in Corporate, Image, The Long Story
Prologue : Michael Franklin diSilva. This pompous name evokes a mental image ...
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The Midsummer Evening

Part 1 In midsummer, when the earth in the Northern lands is ...
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Happyening Yard and Grieving Yard

/ in Corporate, Image, The Long Story
Happyening Yard Ramon was negotiating with the undertaker to decently manage the ...
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Hips don’t lie

/ in Corporate, Image
The passenger in his mid-forties has been a regular with Chandra, the ...
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#TellMeYourStory invites everyone under the planet to write.

We are waiting for your submissions. Please visit our Submission Guidelines to send us your entries.

Happy writing! Happy reading! Happy sharing!

Recent Stories

Its You I am Looking For – Part 20

Finally, after half an hour drive, he stopped the car before a ...
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My Second Name is Emotion

I am yet to come across an emotional personal like her. She ...
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The Flight

Delhi to Vadorara. When Noorie announced the safety rules, they were fighting ...
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The Outsider

Introduction : Sweta and Samina belonged to the same profession, lived in ...
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Recent Poems

Dear mother, Every time I take a step towards you I am pushed back every time I hum a tune ...
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A Letter to my Dead Mother

The days were short and the nights were long These were winters, with the winds too strong Two little boys ...
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Orange or Green?

The waters of Delphi are very still today -- The sky in solemnity has turned a blue-grey , Four pairs ...
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Thoughts Inside The Casket

My country is as beautiful as can be, But do not judge looks for looks are not what they seem, ...
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India’s true colours

The White Shadow : Vrajesh Dave

The White Shadow

Secret of the Swans : Devang Desai

Secret of the Swans

Only One of the Blood

Austria Diaries

Its You I am Looking For

Us in US

Its Love After All

The Desk

Vancouver Diaries

The Vacation

Vancouver Series : Insha Faridoon


Folk Tales from Germany : Kathakali Mukherjee

Folk Tales From Germany

Kashmir : Rumi Dasgupta

Image 1

At Ranikhet : Insha Faridoon


Poems from Iraq : Khalid Tailche (Yousif al-Saigh)

In Iran

Instagram Live

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Finally, after half an hour drive, he stopped the car before a building in the outskirts of the city. The ...
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Its You I am Looking For ̵

Few days had passed since the arrival of that black swift with number 4728 for the first time. After that ...
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Only One of the Blood –

Aastha just let out a deep sigh on hearing such sweet words from him. "You are special Aakash, very special ...
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Its You I am Looking For ̵

Introduction : They were seven brothers, poor as well as orphan. They did not have a sister; hence they had ...
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The Man Without a Heart