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The One Woman Show

/ in Image, Media, Professional
At the end of a four-hour campaign drive across two constituencies with ...
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The Cursed Warrior

Rakesh Pandey
/ in Corporate, Image, Professional
The bearded ascetic stood on top of the hillock and surveyed the ...
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Don’t Watch Your Dreams, Live Them

/ in Academic, Image
Its 7:40 AM in the morning, with the sun providing a stint ...
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In Iran Episode 9

/ in Episodic, Image, In Iran
The bazaar at Isfahan, which is often cited to have the most ...
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Recent Stories....

Flight IC231

Prologue IGI Airport troubled with fake bomb calls! Mail Today | New ...
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Christmas Magic

Staring at the Christmas bells, she remembered how every year her son ...
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The Journey

She scanned the list of applicants who had sent in requests to ...
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That short moment

On my way to native, I was walking to catch the bus ...
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Recent Poems....

Under the banyan tree, lurked a silhouette, Moaning her heart out; A poor soul in tattered rags, shunned by the ...
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Mistake of Love

Purba Saha
A small town girl was I, But a dreamer is what you made me, Dear magic boy They said you ...
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The boy who showed magic

God's ultimate Creation A masterpiece you were, A rare existence on this earth A person whom we all admire. The ...
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Poem on Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Tapan Mozumdar
You tell me "Go!" I think you hope me to touch your ego at its shoulder. I let it be ...
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Departure – 2

Instagram Live

In-Iran-19-Cover-Tehran-STREET JOINT2
Our train is panting at a small nondescript station. It’s quite late in the evening. Namaz stop. Many passengers have ...
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In Iran Episode 19

Kalisa-i-Vank. The oldest Christian church in Isfahan’s Armenian quarters, New Julfa. A fairly large courtyard beyond the plain light-brown clock-tower ...
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In Iran Episode 18

The taxi honks at the door. It’s time to go. My friend Mehdi insists on seeing me off at the ...
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In Iran Episode 17

Colours, flowers, fountains and gardens are not enough to hold me back too long from the raw hurly burly of ...
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In Iran Episode 16

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Durga, a Goddess who is said to have taken her form from the collective strengths of all other Gods, is the celestial symbol of unity, courage, valour and women power as she destroys evil and restores peace on earth!
Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp in different parts of India.
#TellMeYourStory welcomes the devi with special stories and poems set in the backdrop of Durga Puja. Watch out for this space.
Wish you very happy Dusshera
Wish you very happy Dusshera
Wish you very happy Dusshera