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Maverick Stories with #TellMeYourStory seeks inspiration from story tellers across multiple disciplines. Many stories from unique corners of life are lost because they are never told. Let those be explored, documented and celebrated.

Every life has stories; every story has it’s audience. May the twain meet.


Editor's Pick

Read, enjoy, live the moment and do not forget to jot down your comments.


Mahima Dundy
/ in Creative, Image
The benches are rickety. Every time Reshma moves, it squeaks as if ...
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Good News

Kathakali Jana
/ in Creative, Good News, Image
It was a family belonging to Indian middle class. The man, the ...
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Memoirs from the Mediterranean Land

Benu Sidhu-post
Fifteen years ago, my 2 year old daughter and I joined my ...
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A Quiet Friendship

/ in A Quiet Friendship, Creative, Image
I was 10. My father had just been transferred to a faraway ...
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#TellMeYourStory invites everyone under the planet to write.

We are waiting for your submissions. Please visit our Submission Guidelines to send us your entries.

Happy writing! Happy reading! Happy sharing!

Recent Stories

A silenced voice

Nageswari Prabhu-post
“Daisy!” The shrieking voice of her mother woke her up from the ...
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A Journey of Three Stations

Chhaya Dabas
“One more time!” Shriya scolded herself. Looking around, she observed how people ...
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A Hindu Girl in a Muslim Home

Mahima Dundy
It was my wedding day. Normally, people get married once. I got ...
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Black Hills And Fakir Mohammed’s Ibadat

AMRIT GANGAR with the Speaking Tree
He has no clue about his date of birth but would say ...
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Recent Poems....

Engrossed in the pleasures of the realm, ambitiously targeting the moon at every stage of life, struggling day in and ...
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Cuddling the Crescent

Hail the heroes who save our lives! Soldiers, doctors, and scientists are the only heroes we claim Well folks, i ...
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The Ignored Legends

There are some bloodsuckers Trapped in an age-old lustful cage When they come of age Beware women, you are chased! ...
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Once upon a time, I strolled across the meadows. In anticipation to steal a trifle glance. Silhouetted against the picturesque ...
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The meadows

Episodic Stories


Instagram Live

‘I’m sorry, Nilanjan. You can’t go in!’ I can see Tahmineh struggling to get these words out of her chest ...
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In Iran Episode 45

“Attar traveled all seven cities of love, While I’m still at the bend of its first valley.” I hear Fayizeh ...
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In Iran Episode 44

Poem by Iraqi poet, Yousif Alsaigh Translated to English by Dr. Khalid Basher Mikha Tailche Cover Image :. Dedicated to ...
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Poems from Iraq – Encoun

The fabled city of Neyshabur is about two hours’ car drive from Mashhad. The road offers the same monotony of ...
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In Iran Episode 43

Durga, a Goddess who is said to have taken her form from the collective strengths of all other Gods, is the celestial symbol of unity, courage, valour and women power as she destroys evil and restores peace on earth!
Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp in different parts of India.
#TellMeYourStory welcomes the devi with special stories and poems set in the backdrop of Durga Puja. Watch out for this space.
Wish you very happy Dusshera
Wish you very happy Dusshera
Wish you very happy Dusshera