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Maverick Stories with #TellMeYourStory seeks inspiration from story tellers across multiple disciplines. Many stories from unique corners of life are lost because they are never told. Let those be explored, documented and celebrated.

Every life has stories; every story has it’s audience. May the twain meet.

Editor's Pick

Read, enjoy, live the moment and do not forget to jot down your comments.

Grandmother’s Vision

/ in Academic, Image
Storytelling grandmothers or grandfathers are just a familiar stereotype to me but ...
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Memories of Another Day

AKM - Profile Picture1 - document
/ in Image, Memoirs
Some memories still shine through the mists of time. Seems like only ...
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Laddu Singh in Hong Kong

/ in Corporate, Image
The picture of Hong Kong conjures tall glassy buildings, well-lit and maintained ...
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In Search of a Love Story

/ in Creative, Image
“O Mitul! What a mistake I have done leaving your grandpa!” - ...
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#TellMeYourStory invites everyone under the planet to write.

We are waiting for your submissions. Please visit our Submission Guidelines to send us your entries.

Happy writing! Happy reading! Happy sharing!

Recent Stories

Caramel Cake, Coffee and Carnations

It was a cool November afternoon. A soft zephyr was swiftly blowing ...
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When life seems to come to a full stop but still makes ...
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Today we became students of history, as gathered by the Metropolitan Museum ...
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The Michigan Magic

I had a glimpse of Michigan (Anne Arbor) during my first visit ...
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Recent Poems

We all have our journey to live.. And one day peacefully leave.. A lot on the path will be attractive. ...
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The Game of Words

Like an oyster were the seeds carrying this giant miracle in belly under the dust to tear it apart as ...
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The Lemon Tree

'You could've turned up a bit earlier' The autorickshaw driver told us, As he plodded his vehicle down the uneven ...
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One Evening at That River Khwa

We hear often, "they said so." "I heard from them." "They do so." Who are they? I know not. Where ...
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They Said So

The White Shadow : Vrajesh Dave

The White Shadow

Secret of the Swans : Devang Desai

Secret of the Swans

The Desk

Its Love After All

Us in US

The Long Story

The Vacation

Vancouver Diaries : Insha Faridoon

Vancouver Series : Insha Faridoon


Folk Tales from Germany : Kathakali Mukherjee

Folk Tales From Germany

Kashmir : Rumi Dasgupta

Image 1

At Ranikhet : Insha Faridoon


Poems from Iraq : Khalid Tailche (Yousif al-Saigh)

In Iran

Instagram Live

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Today we became students of history, as gathered by the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. The exterior itself is imposing. Long ...
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I had a glimpse of Michigan (Anne Arbor) during my first visit to US. The university and residential areas were ...
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The Michigan Magic

We went to stay with my trader friend in Delaware; a school friend who migrated to US and like the ...
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The Delaware Delight

We learnt many things at the world’s learning mecca, BOSTON – MIT and Harvard being the niche and fifty plus ...
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The Boston Bliss