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Maverick Stories with #TellMeYourStory seeks inspiration from story tellers across multiple disciplines. Many stories from unique corners of life are lost because they are never told. Let those be explored, documented and celebrated.

Every life has stories; every story has it’s audience. May the twain meet.

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Journey From Jangu To Joe

/ in Armed Forces, Image
As a teenager, life was pretty good in Gurgaon. Mornings would be ...
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The Time Travel…..

/ in Image, Under 18
PART – I Chapter 1 My name is Peter Miller. I am ...
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The Nobleman’s Seduction

/ in Corporate, Image
Rhea sighed as she plonked on the bed. It had been a ...
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The Gallant Sikhs In Siachen

I still vividly remember the exact moment when the baton of command ...
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#TellMeYourStory invites everyone under the planet to write.

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The Light after Darkness

Puja Shah
She did not like monsoons. Monsoon meant rains, lots of it! And ...
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A Perfect Investment

My flight landed in Delhi. I was excited. I wanted to know ...
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25 minutes and 25 years

Sunita logged into her Facebook account and found an unread message. When ...
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The Adventure

Superhero Stories aren’t a myth. They appear as an obvious but imaginary ...
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Recent Poems....

Waits by the waiting, To attain a happy life, Rivers aside, gleaming yellow, Floated on it, a happy knife. Reddened ...
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Born to

Arushi Thakur
She's a woman she's proud to be. She's a mother, who nurtures She's a daughter, who cares She's a sister, ...
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A Woman

Let me know the pain if it happens for it's time I let go what bound my wanderlust heart I ...
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Those Whispers

0/5 0 ratings 0 ratingsX 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% Taxing a Woman When taxation is in the air I ...
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Taxing a Woman

Poems from Iraq : Khalid Tailche (Yousif al-Saigh)


Instagram Live

Superhero Stories aren’t a myth. They appear as an obvious but imaginary part of real life, especially when it comes ...
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The Adventure

Zuwaina and Henry are long time lovers, an urban couple who is soon to tie a knot. All seem to ...
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Rising Above the Blue

Some stories happen inside the kitchen. You have to keep your eyes and ears wide open to listen to them ...
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