#StoryOfTheMonth July 2016 by Anindita Chatterjee

The Invincible has every element of a short story, the dramatic twist in the end and a moment of crisis and an epiphany around which the story centers. The theme is stereotypical nonetheless the writer deftly captures the bafflement and anguish of the son at the revelation of the mother; the same woman whom he had hated all his life and become apathetic to over the years owing to her estrangement from the family was no longer a stranger to him. He discovered her anew and realized that all these years despite his ignorance she had always remained close to his heart.  The revelation or the anagnorisis that comes at the end makes the son realize that he owed it all to his mother who in fact had sacrificed her life and happiness for her child. The five acts of a Greek tragedy or a Shakespearean tragic-comedy finds a microcosmic reflection in the story. There is an exposition, a definite climax and a denouement with an anagnorisis that brings about a distinctive reversal. Parents are often forced to resort to various means of sacrifice to ensure that their children live in happiness and peace. The reversal in the son’s assessment of his mother whom he had lost due to misunderstanding adds a note of poignancy to the story which makes it touching and appealing. The short story is dramatic and stereotypical to some extent but certainly strikes a score for it shows how human beings often misconstrue each other willingly or unwillingly but at the end it is love that survives all odds and wins the race. Acts of truth, sacrifice, kindness and goodness often lie hidden and invisible to us, but some day they find their expressions and way out of darkness and reach out to where it matters the most- the human heart. The story is touched the academician in me for its direct and bold style and the way it tells how one must learn to forgive, accept and move along for all of us have only one chance to live the life that has been accorded to us.