#StoryOfTheMonth July 2016 by Sonika Bakshi

When I picked up Sanjay Singh’s Of Love & Waste, I thought I was about to read a story that would sketch a protagonist suffering from the pain caused by unrequited love or yet another routine sad love story. At the same time, given Sanjay’s professional background, I was as much curious about the plot. After all, I was about to read a love story written by a police officer.
The intricate introduction of Radha/Razia and Manoj (the characters from the story) though hinted at a very interesting narrative that was about to unfold in a few paragraphs. But I definitely did not anticipate that I was perhaps going to read one of the most memorable stories of my life.
I call it memorable for two reasons. One, not very often one comes across a story that leaves one believing in the  narrative and its characters as if they were real. As I read the story,  each sentence faded into a scene; it felt like I was a witness to things happening right in front of my eyes. That is perhaps the power of  honest expression, straight from the heart. Two, despite there being every reason for me to hate Manoj, I had my heart filled with empathy for him as much as I felt the same for Radha.
Kudos to  Sanjay for such a brilliant presentation that the reader immediately connects with Manoj and blames his situation and personal background for the kind of man he has shaped up as. The author impeccably articulates the harsh realities of life for people living below poverty line and brings forth their emotions, dilemmas and other darker aspects encompassing their selves through this hard hitting story.
If you are looking for a crisply written suspense story, Of Love and Waste by Sanjay Singh is a must read.