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Sinjini Sengupta is a major in Economics from Indian Statistical Institute by academics, a qualified Actuary by profession, and a writer cum painter cum elocutionist by passion. She is somewhat a fiercely argumentative orator by habit! She is also an ardent fan of Indian mythology, and a proud Toastmaster.

As a writer, Sinjini has mostly been into writing fictions, poems, observations and abstract pieces on Nature, etc. She blogs at: www.sinjinisengupta.blogspot.com, where she writes mostly in English, occasionally in Bengali. As a web-columnist, she writes on gender issues, causes and reforms and parenting issues for Huffington Post, What’s up India, Youth Ki Awaaz and several other sites.

Writing short stories has so far been her favorite genre in her writing career. One of her stories was recently made into a film; the film was selected for screening at the Cannes Film Festival 2016. She has also lent her pen to write scripts for two short-films.

Durga, a Goddess who is said to have taken her form from the collective strengths of all other Gods, is the celestial symbol of unity, courage, valour and women power as she destroys evil and restores peace on earth!
Durga Puja is celebrated with great pomp in different parts of India.
#TellMeYourStory welcomes the devi with special stories and poems set in the backdrop of Durga Puja. Watch out for this space.
Wish you very happy Dusshera
Wish you very happy Dusshera
Wish you very happy Dusshera