I am not a passionate writer but some life experiences do teach you so many new things. Those make us ...
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Love or Horoscope?

It was a full moon night. We were sitting in our balcony watching the beautiful full moon yesterday night. Silent ...
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Romance Under Full Moon

It all started on social media randomly with a “Hi” and a follow-back; getting to know each other slowly. She ...
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Online Love Story

Puja Shah
She did not like monsoons. Monsoon meant rains, lots of it! And with it came insects and mosquitoes. Puddles and ...
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The Light after Darkness

Sujeet and Sriram
When Sanjay (Leela Bhansali) Sir shared the brief for Gajanana song sequence from the film Bajirao Mastani with me and ...
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Our factory is about complete seventy seven years. Ten craftsmen along with me churn out some 2,500 Ganesha idols each ...
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The Idol Maker

The stars swirled. The moon looked cold, white and distant. The light shone, shimmered, playing hide-and-seek with the senses. The ...
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An Erring Heart

2013 was a personal disaster. In the month of May I lost my mom. My father at the age of ...
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Journey of the Start